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Our Signature Eye Openers

Start the day with Malaysia-Kota Kinabalu focused discovery. Informed by the distinct flavours of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, our Signature Breakfast and Eye Openers enliven your morning with inspired edibles and an unexpected take on refreshment.

Signature Eye Openers

Awake to inspiration with a local-focused twist on morning

Sweet potato muffin served with tempe and garlic bread crumble MYR20.00

This dish is inspired from a local Malay traditional breakfast with a local “tampatan” twist. Sweet potatoes is an important staple food among the locals. While tempe is commonly found and enjoyed by many in Malay stall or restaurants.

Lacey crepe with vegetable and fish curry MYR33.00

The idea for this dish came from a favourite Malay dish called "Roti Jala". It is usually eated as an accompaniment to a curries dish, or served as a sweet "serawa", a mixture of boiled coconut milk, brown sugar and pandan leaves. A stuffing or dried shrimp and turnips has beed added to further enhance the flavour of the lacey crepe, which is then served as a savoury dish with fish curry.

Layer toasted brioche with coconut jam and caramelized banana MYR33.00

Both coconunt and banana are commonly found at food stalls throughout Sabah and popular ingredients in every day cooking. The idea for this is derived from a local breakfast favourite, the "Roti Kaya". As a local twist to the internationally acclaimed Brioche, which is normally eaten with maple syrup, caramelized banana is used as an added flavour to this dish.

Danish lamb rendang with coconut cream mashed potato MYR33.00

The idea is derived from a very popularly known Malay Lamb dish that is fried and tossed with onion, ginger, galangal, garlic, lemongrass, turmeric and chillis paste. This dish could be found in many Malay restaurants and during the Malay festive season. It is enjoyed by people from different races. Combining Danish with sweet potatoes as card for a local touch, it is a great dish to enjoy during breakfast.

Red omellete with black glutinous rice serced wtih fern shoot salad MYR29.00

Glutinous rice is used a lot in Chinese, Malay, Indian and local desserts, such as Seri Muka, a glutinous rice kueh and so much more. Locals enjoy having rice, egg, and vegetables in the morning. Thus, it inspired this dish combining all 3 ingredients.

Poached egg with pan-fried potato cake and local fern shoots MYR29.00

Many local household take sweet potatoes for breakfast, one of this dish that is often prepare is a combination of sweet potates and fish then dipping it in egg before deep frying it. The locals often eats it with vegetables, thus the local fern leaf is added and hollandaise sauce is infused with lemon grass and serve with the pan fried sweet potatoes cake.

Carrot Orange Passion

Start the day with Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu sweet and tangy Carrot Orange Passion. An unexpected flavour of discovery will awaken your taste buds for a delightful meal.

Carrot Orange Passion

Honeydew Passion Chilli

An interesting combination of the local favourite, honeydew and chilli. Sweet and Spicy, a taste that stimulates your senses for an undeniable meal ahead.

HoneydewPassionChilli Website Thumbnail

Pineapple Lime

The unique refreshment that unlocks a destination. A matchless piquant combination that excites the appetite, certainly the locally famous pineapple and lime.

Pineapple Lime WebsiteThumbnail